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Technical support


Below are the most common questions concerning the commercial aspects of BENERI and the related answers. If you don't find the solution to your doubts, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

I would like to submit a request for quotation but I only know competitors’ part numbers. How can I convert them into BENERI part numbers?

Please consult our Interchange Chart to compare the main manufacturers’ coding systems. For any further information, our Sales team will be at your disposal.

I would like to submit a request for quotation for a special part on drawing. Can BENERI handle this type of request?

BENERI core business is the production of retaining rings and washers complying with standards. The company is therefore equipped accordingly. However, our technical office will be glad to analyze new potential requests for special parts on drawing, depending on volumes required and feasibility study. Submit here your request for special parts.

What is the difference between BENERI standard retaining rings and “Automotive” retaining rings?

With the new range of "Automotive" retaining rings, BENERI intends to satisfy the increasing demand of a product provided with extremely tight dimensional tolerances. DIN standards permit certain tolerances (AQL - Acceptable Quality Limit), which in fact cannot always be accepted by end users. Automatic applications, but not only, require very homogeneous parts to avoid costly production downtime. With the new range of "Automotive" retaining rings, BENERI can offer a standard-sized part, with a dimensional homogeneity not otherwise possible. Main parameters checked and selected are: diameter in 3 positions, flatness, center distance of the holes and opening. For more information click here.

Can phosphate coating take on different colors?

Yes, it can. Phosphate coating can look from light gray to almost black. The main factors that may impact on its final appearance are: the chemistry of the solution (Zn - ZnCa - Mn), the origin of the formulator (from Europe or US), the duration of the process and the consequent contact between the chemical solution and the base metal, the thickness of the phosphate-layer, the type of tempering and final treatment after phosphating (oiling or drying).

Can phosphate coating offer different grades of corrosion resistance?

Yes it can. The final corrosion resistance of a phosphate part is highly determined by the type of after-treatment protection used (usually oil).

How do I assembly BENERI retaining rings?

Assembly operations depend on the type of retaining ring.

The use of appropriate Pliers and Tools is suggested in any case, as they will facilitate the operator and prevent the rings from undergoing unnecessary tensions and permanent deformations. In particular, the use of pliers is strictly recommended for the assembly of Retaining Rings in Austenitic Stainless Steel series 300.


Click here to download assembly instructions for axial assembly - external retaining rings

Click here to download assembly instructions for axial assembly - internal retaining rings

Click here to download assembly instructions for radial assembly retaining rings

Which inspection certificates can be provided by BENERI?

Upon request, BENERI can provide the following inspection certificates: 3.1B, ISIR, Process Flow, Process Control, Capability Analysis, R&R Study, PPAP Level 1/2/3/4/5, IMDS, Salt Spray Test.

For any further information, please contact here BENERI Sales Office.