Assistenza commerciale Beneri

Commercial support


Below are the most common questions concerning the commercial aspects of BENERI and the related answers. If you don't find the solution to your doubts, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Is BENERI equipped to offer customized packaging on request?

BENERI deals with the retail market only and is therefore  equipped to offer a standardized packaging system. All products are supplied in BENERI original packaging (or in other manufacturer’s packaging in case of traded products). For further details about our packaging, click here.

Is BENERI equipped to offer customized labeling?

BENERI deals with the retail market only and is therefore equipped to offer a standardized labeling system. BENERI labels include the QR code for a clear and unequivocal identification and tracking of each single batch.

I would like to buy BENERI products. Who should I contact?

BENERI is represented in the world through a network of official distributors. Click here and select your Country to find the nearest distributor.

I would like to become BENERI distributor in my country. Who should I contact?

BENERI has one or more official (in a few cases exclusive) distributors in almost each European and foreign country. Check here the list of the existing distributors.

However, BENERI sales network keeps expanding. As a manufacturer oriented to the retail market, we normally work with big distributors, who are already introduced in the fasteners industry and can purchase significant volumes of goods.

If you believe you can be the right contact, please send here your request, including a brief introduction about your company and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

I would like to receive an offer for a special part on drawing. How shall I send you my request for quotation?

Retaining Rings and washers complying with standards are BENERI’s core business. Our company is therefore equipped to meet the demand of this market. However, our technical department will be glad to analyze new potential requests for special parts on drawing, depending on volumes required and feasibility study. Submit here your request for special parts.

I have an urgency and need to receive an express shipment. How can I request this service?

BENERI warehouse is equipped with an automatic picking system, which can arrange huge shipments in just a few hours. For each customer we usually establish a monthly shipment plan, which we strive to respect. Small urgencies shall be considered from time to time, in case of occasional urgent need only. A written request, including any detail about the express shipment, shall be sent to our Sales Office. We will send you our positive/negative reply and shipping instructions as soon as possible.

I know your competitors’ part numbers but I would like to send you a request for quotation. How can I convert them into BENERI part numbers?

Please consult our Interchange Chart to compare the main manufacturers’ coding systems. For any further information, you can also contact our Sales team.

I need to receive some documents for export operations. Who should I contact?

Our Export Sales Team is at your full disposal. Please send here your request, specifying which type of export document you need.