Immagine storica dell'azienda Beneri


A simple story, a great tradition.

It is the year 1958. Northern Italy is at the height of the economic boom, when three young enterprising men from Lecco, passionate about mechanics, start to build moulds for third parties on their own. This is how BENERI is founded in a small workshop of 60 m2; a fancy name, consisting of the first two letters of the last names of the three members.

The three friends work day and night on their project and soon begin to think about new possible growth opportunities. They decide to quit working on behalf of third parties and start designing their own molds, which contain a technology secret, for the mass production of parts in compliance with an existing standard. With this mind, they construct the equipment for the serrated washer according to DIN 6798, which is later produced and tested positively.

BENERI than starts focusing on the production of fasteners in compliance with DIN standards.
These are years of great physical and economic sacrifices. To succeed in this new market, which has always been in the hands of a few foreign players, BENERI must invest in: high-speed presses for mass production, recruitment of personnel, new range of products and expansion into new operating sites in Valmadrera (LC).
Thanks to the great will of the members and a bit of luck, the company starts doing business with some important companies; the first one is Olivetti, who mounts the BENERI ring DIN 6799 into their famous typing machines.

BENERI is the only Italian manufacturer of retaining rings and washers complying with DIN norms and can take advantage of the favorable local economic situation, offering competitive prices to major Italian and European OEM companies belonging to the automotive and domestic devices industries.

Beneri plant in 1974 History: Immagine 3

Today BENERI SpA is a modern company, with 5 production units located in Valmadrera (LC), covering an area of over 12,000 m2.

The company counts about 80 employees and boasts an undisputed international leadership in the production of retaining rings and washers complying to DIN standards, which are successfully sold worldwide through the support of reliable distributors.

In this global and ever-changing market, BENERI is your serious and reliable supplier, offering high-quality products and service.

Giovanni and Patrizia Bernabeo and Alessandro Limonta, together with Ruben and Ronny Limonta, the third generation, continue the work of Giampietro, who is still the President of the Company, building on his experience and teachings and adapting them to the latest market needs.

We believe in work and dedication,
in a fair competition as boost for continuous improvement.

Quality is the basis of our way to do business and represent the concept of Made in Italy, 
Always striving for new exciting goals.


Beneri family