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BENERI Spa si certifica IATF 16949:2016
Martedì 17 Luglio 2018

BENERI Spa obtains IATF 16949:2016 certification

BENERI Spa has recently obtained the IATF 16949:2016 certification.  The new regulation, replacing the previous ISO TS 16949: 2009, represents...
Venerdì 23 Febbraio 2024


The choice of European partners becomes strategic

The year 2024 inaugurates the CBAM mechanism, an initiative proposed by the EU to reduce the risk of so-called "carbon leaks" and to ensure that products imported into Europe respect the same environmental standards applied to European producers.

What are we talking about?  The CBAM will introduce a system in which imports of certain categories of products (cement, electricity, fertilizers, cast iron, iron-steel and aluminium) will be subjected to a tax based on the carbon content incorporated into them.

What’s the purpose? The main aim of the CBAM is to reduce the risk of carbon emissions being transferred to the countries with lower environmental standards (carbon leakage), in order to stimulate non-EU trading partners to reduce their carbon emissions.

We will probably understand what impacts this mechanism will have on the international trade and on the global economy in the next two years, once the "test" and the reporting period have passed. The embodied carbon tax will become effective from 2026.

The selection of serious, reliable and intra-community commercial partners becomes today more than ever a strategic business choice for Italian and European companies.

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