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IFE 2020, Las Vegas: evento cancellato: Immagine
Venerdì 17 Luglio 2020

IFE 2020, Las Vegas: the event has been cancelled

The International Fastener Expo (IFE), the American leading event in the world of Fasteners, has been cancelled due to Covid-19 emergency. The organ...
Gamma di anelli "Automotive". Ne parliamo anche oltreoceano!: Immagine
Martedì 13 Aprile 2021
Our range of "Automotive" rings. Let's talk about it overseas!
The American trade magazine Fastener Technology International talks about BENERI in its latest "Retaining rings roundup", posted on their official website last 06/04/21. A brief interview to introduce our range of "AUTOMOTIVE" rings, which we like to define "standard beyond any standard". Why...
Bottiglie di plastica bandite dal 2020: Immagine
Mercoledì 07 Aprile 2021
Plastic bottles banned since 2020
For decades, the drinking water in BENERI has been served to employees and guests in 500 ml single-use plastic bottles. The turning point comes in 2020, following the increasing attention that our company pays to environmental protection. Thanks to the new "Culligan Pure" ultrafiltration system, the...
Auguri di Buona Pasqua: Immagine
Venerdì 02 Aprile 2021
Happy Easter
BENERI wishes you a Happy Easter! We inform you that our offices will be closed April 3rd to 5th included.
Situazione post Covid-19: reale ripresa o bolla?: Immagine
Martedì 30 Marzo 2021
Post-Covid situation: real recovery or bubble?
The demand is (finally) taking off, inventories are falling dramatically but steel is in short supply and reaches record prices with unacceptable delivery times. In addition there are the well-known problems with transport. The risk is a state of deadlock, where the apparent recovery could tu...
DIN 6798 A distinctive features | BENERI
Lunedì 22 Febbraio 2021
Unique, unmatched.
Overlapped teeth and narrower internal diameter. This is what makes BENERI external toothed washer unique. A high-performance product for an excellent, uniform and lasting clamping!  Watch the brand new 3D video! Features applied to the most common sizes. Click here to get more informat...
Stock of steel wire | BENERI
Martedì 19 Gennaio 2021
Retaining rings blanked from steel WIRE are more efficient as well as cost-effective
Steel strip or Steel wire blanking?   This is a critical decision any quality-oriented manufacturer of retaining rings will surely evaluate, since it could affect the final performance of the product.   In this technical article, our Application Engineer Mr. Ruben Limonta explains why ...
Energia verde | BENERI
Martedì 12 Gennaio 2021
The electricity we use? Today it is 100% green
All of you can easily imagine how huge is the impact that energy consumption has on a manufacturing company like BENERI. Think about how much energy we need every day to feed furnaces, high-speed presses, cooling systems, ventilation, CNC machines, automatic intensive warehouse, packaging machines...
Happy new year from BENERI
Giovedì 07 Gennaio 2021
Happy new year!
We are ready to face the new year with determination! Are you? The BENERI staff wishes you a a healthy, happy and exciting 2021.