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Posticipata la Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2021: Immagine
Mardi 26 Janvier 2021

Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2021 has been postponed

Given the current travel restrictions due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we learn from Mc Brooks that the Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2021 has been...
Mardi 12 Janvier 2021

The electricity we use? Today it is 100% green

In 2021 BENERI will consume electricity from renewable sources only

All of you can easily imagine how huge is the impact that energy consumption has on a manufacturing company like BENERI. Think about how much energy we need every day to feed furnaces, high-speed presses, cooling systems, ventilation, CNC machines, automatic intensive warehouse, packaging machines, lighting, electronic devices…
The energy management is therefore a key point BENERI constantly tries to monitor and implement by searching for innovative solutions, aimed at a lower impact, energy saving but also at the enhancement of energy supply from renewable sources.
We  are therefore proud to announce that starting from 1st January 2021 our 5 production units will consume 100% electricty from renewable sources and produced by IGO qualified plants (in compliance with the directive of the European Parliament 2009 28 / EC and the Resolution of the Authority for Electricity and Gas ARG / elt 104/11).
This choice marks for BENERI a further development towards sustainability. For our company, for the environment and for the entire community.
Green energy certification

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