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Eccoci quà! Angelo,Gabriele e Francesco
Friday 19 June 2020

BENERI: Our shipping and logistics warehouse team

We are only three but ... we make big numbers! We handle an average of 25,000 annual positions and 8 to 20 tons of goods per day, guaranteeing ser...
Stock of steel wire | BENERI
Tuesday 19 January 2021
Retaining rings blanked from steel WIRE are more efficient as well as cost-effective
Steel strip or Steel wire blanking?   This is a critical decision any quality-oriented manufacturer of retaining rings will surely evaluate, since it could affect the final performance of the product.   In this technical article, our Application Engineer Mr. Ruben Limonta explains why ...
Energia verde | BENERI
Tuesday 12 January 2021
The electricity we use? Today it is 100% green
All of you can easily imagine how huge is the impact that energy consumption has on a manufacturing company like BENERI. Think about how much energy we need every day to feed furnaces, high-speed presses, cooling systems, ventilation, CNC machines, automatic intensive warehouse, packaging machines, ...
Happy new year from BENERI
Thursday 07 January 2021
Happy new year!
We are ready to face the new year with determination! Are you? The BENERI staff wishes you a a healthy, happy and exciting 2021.