Replica Dior's magical time was still this year

House's new creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, is the first watch inspired by the costume's unique metallic mood and fresh white color. On a silvery white opal dial with a piqué cotton pattern, a layer of white diamonds is embellished and three hands are rotated on it. Plus, the punched white calfskin strap adds a cheerful mood to the watch.

Dior presented a fairytale garden full of flowers in this year's Gran Sua collection. replica breitlingA 36mm white gold case snow-set with large and small white diamonds has a flower in full bloom, such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Pearls and various colors of gold are used in abundance to create a vivid look beyond the real flowers. With its three-dimensional dial, the thin quartz movement is used to signal the time, and the time is adjusted through the backcase corrector (make sure there is no crown in the case!). Meanwhile, the midnight blue fabric straps that match the case capture the sensibility of a historic fashion house. Gran Sua Botanic finished only eight points with different motifs, but before the fair, many of them had already arrived on the VIP wrist!

A model that expresses the spirit of atelier haute couture, a skirt (rotor) that seems to rotate mysteriously on the stage (dial) colored in pink comes to mind. To this end, the Inverse caliber is mounted, and the rotor is inspired by a petticoat detail with silky white ribbons and finished in gold. The bezel combines a finely crafted steel case with a diamond-tone pink rubber strap.

The Inverse Rotor plays a big role in the way the Granbal Collection can vary. It's Dior's unique technology, rarely found in other brands, by moving the rotor that powers the movement over the dial and watching the rotation above the eye (the rotor is usually seen through a backcase). This year, the starry night sky was moved to the Grand Foot dial. The colorful white Australian opal symbolizes the night sky, and the sapphire crystal rotor rotates the dial 360 degrees, completely covered in yellow and white gold and diamonds. The spinning rotor on the wrist reminds us of the mysterious Milky Way. Unique piece that produces only 10 points without the same design. The case is finished in yellow gold and the strap is finished in patent leather similar to the dial.

It is a work that can confirm the spirit of Dior's gold craft and features a bracelet finished with gold yarn. Weaving polished and patterned gold yarns like weaving each one is incredibly sophisticated compared to any other mesh bracelet. The finished bracelet is wrapped around the woman's thin wrists like silk. Both the case and the bracelet used yellow gold.

Set in a compact steel case with a diameter of 19mm, a total of 71 diamonds (including crowns) are matched with a sporty neon pink lacquer dial and a patent leather strap that can be wound around the wrist twice. The orange-colored version is also available as a gift made for summer.