Replica Tag Heuer's “Do n’t crack under pressure.”

After the Australian Open last year, tennis fever has been on the Korean Peninsula. At the center is Jeong Hyun, the first Korean player to advance to the semifinals of the tennis men's singles. This hot interest continued not only in Korea but also abroad. As proof of this, in January 2019, the official Timekeeper Tag Heuer `` Next Gen ATP Finals '' announced last year's winner Chung Hyun as a Tag Heuer global ambassador. It is significant that he is a Korean player who has been selected by Tag Heuer, who has used various sports prospects and major players as ambassadors. On April 10, TAG Heuer announced a new face for the brand, Hyun Hyun. Facing the city, not the tennis court, his neat attire was young and clear. His wit, star, and strong mentality as an outstanding player will elevate the DNA of Tag Heuer's challenges and innovations that will not yield to difficulties. I look forward to seeing him staring at the sky with his arms open fast, like Jung Hyun's motto.

What is your favorite watch? Carrera Caliber Heuer 01 Automatic was the heart of the car. replica audemars piguetI think it's a stylish and stylish design with a masculine feel. I also like to go well with sportswear or everyday clothes.

Does the environment on and off the court affect the game? There are many different environments and situations in each game, including strong opponents and spectators. But in the stadium, I try to focus on me only. When you're immersed in the situation with your opponent and plan how to deal with it, you won't hear the sound of the outside. It's very naturally blocked.

I am wondering how to cope when faced with a difficult draw. When dealing with players like Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, it's hard to beat the pressure. In tennis, the mental realm dominates the game. Because I have to be good at psychological warfare, I also continue to have psychological training. So in real games, rather than reacting to the draw, we try to stay the same in every match. No one has ever neglected a match. I do my best to play in the best condition. Especially when I play with Taegeuk Mark, I have a bigger feeling.

What is the driving force that keeps you running on the court? My family always stays with my dream of being a professional since childhood. In recent years, I am greatly encouraged by the support of fans. When I see the people who support me after winning or losing, I think, 'I'm doing my best.' What's the hardest moment you've ever encountered? Tag Heuer's “Do n’t crack under pressure.” (Don't give in to difficulties) empathizes with the slogan. I think it fits my situation these days. It's time for an important tour, but I'm having trouble with an unexpected injury. It's hard to overcome the frustration, frustration, and impatience when you're unable to play as an athlete. However, I will be faithful to rehabilitation and training and will work to overcome the current situation and play a good game. Contact 02-548-6020