Launched in 2014, Replica Bvlgari's Octo Fininimo meets both innovation and style

Bulgari Octo emits an aura that cannot be encountered. Thanks to the 110-sided case, the Octo case with a structural design that combines octagons and circles in a unique form reveals a strong appeal on the wrist of a man. This is an important factor in making people aware that they are immediately 'octo' watches. Based on these characteristics, many of Octo's watches have been awarded various awards every year since 2010 (total of 27 by 2018). In particular, the watch belongs to Octo Fininimo, which is characterized by an ultra-slim case.The Octo Fininimo automatic watch won the Men's Watch of the Year at the 2017 Geneva Watch Grand Prix (GPHG), followed by two design awards in 2018. To take over. The Red Dot Award's 'Best of the Best' award and the iF Design Award's best product award, the iF Gold Award, are honorable trophies, allowing Octo Fininimo to go beyond the limits of fine watchmaking as well as industrial design. A stroke was taken from the side. So why was the Octopini Cimo Collection selected? The delicate structure of the case alone shows strength and beauty, but in order to achieve a thin thickness, Bvlgari not only redesigned the existing Octo case, but also considered all the elements of the watch such as movement and bracelet from the beginning. Depending on the thickness of the case, the movement had to be thinner and each part had to be smaller and thinner. Besides, it had to be sturdy enough to be shocking. This inevitability to innovate would have made the watch highly appreciated. These octopinismo collections include the octopinismo tourbillon (2014), the octopinissimo minitripiter (2016), the award-winning octopinisimo automatic (2017) and the octopinismo. It is evolving to tourbillon automatic (2018).

In 2014, Bulgari's Octo Fininismo Tourbillon recorded the world's thinnest Tourbillon movement with a thickness of 1.95mm, which was a big hit in the ultra-slim sector (winning four awards in Singapore and Germany). In 2016, we introduced Octo Fininismo minitripiter, the thinnest minitripiter (with hammers hitting the clock) to win eight awards from complications to innovation and ultra new. Goes. Bulgari did not stop here. In October 2017, Octo Fininismo Automatic is equipped with a 2.23mm self-winding movement and a case with a 5.15mm thickness, which once again surprises the world of watchmaking. Of course, he has recorded the world's thinnest automatic watch title. For reference, the sandblasted, matte texture of the watch's titanium case and bracelet is uniquely tactile and comfortable to wear. In the same year, Bvlgari also presented the Octo Fininismo Tourbillon Skeleton Watch, which boldly showed the movement of the Octo Fininismo Tourbillon on the dial. He also won the Men's Watch category with the Octo P. Nissimo Automatic,replica paneraireplica franck muller winning two GPHGs a year).

Evolution did not stop. Bulgari unveils Octo Fininismo Tourbillon Automatic Watch at Basel World 2018. Like the watch's name, it has a self-winding movement with a counterbalance of gravity, which also records the world's thinnest Tourbillon Automatic Watch record. This makes Bulgari four world records through the Octopini Collection. For this watch, the internal structure of the watch had to be changed to make the case extremely thin, such as a normally powered rotor (usually placed on the movement) in a peripheral form around the edge of the movement and a ball bearing on the flying tourbillon. Introduced the system. In addition, Bulgari's rotors are made of aluminum and white gold of different densities to help smooth rotation. The movement is amazingly thick and complete in a skeleton form that appears on the dial and is the perfect example of the fine watchmaking essence.

Another work Bvlgari unveiled in 2018 is the Octopini Cini Mini Tree Peter Carbon. The sequel to the 2016 Titanium mini-tripter model, the watch combines haute-oriental, acoustic and state-of-the-art materials and is made of an epoxy thermoset resin called Carbon Thin Ply (CTP). Containing an extremely thin carbon fiber that guarantees robustness, the material amplifies the sound of the hammer hitting the ball. The dial is made of CTP material for the same reason (note that the dial's index and small second window were drilled for efficient minitripiter sound transmission). The case is 6.85mm thick and the movement is only 3.12mm thick.

As such, Bulgari has launched the Octopini Finmo Series since 2014, demonstrating the art of watchmaking that satisfies innovation and style. Developing and manufacturing ultra-slim watches is a special task in the watch industry. It's more than simply reducing existing models. The magic that Bulgari will play in the upcoming Basel World 2019. Contact 02-2056-0170