Replica Graff is more than a jeweler in a timepiece with innovation and creativity as its weapon

Graf Diamonds has been making watches more than jewelry since its founding in 2008. They are British-born jewelry that is more than 50 years old, but the movement and assembly of the case follows Genuine Swiss watchmaking thanks to Geneva. This year, the gyrograph collection presented several high-complication models, including the Tourbillon, minitripter, and skeleton, to boldly showcase their appearance as a luxury watch brand. It's not all. As such, Graf Diamonds is more than a jeweler in a timepiece with innovation and creativity as its weapon.

This is a masterpiece showing only five points for this year's Basel World, and it shows the world's continents from the dial on the dial. To do this, Graf's craftsmen laser-engraved continents and oceans on white gold, then hand-engraved with chisels and hammers to bring out the details of each continent over hundreds of hours. Here is not the end. The studio's enamel is applied to the dial with a thin brush and then baked and painted several times at a high temperature of 800 ~ 900 ℃. The dial is completed in a magnificent 48mm diameter case. On the other hand, the watch is as innovative as the dial: a multi-axis tourbillon that rotates on two axes to offset gravity (at 5 o'clock) and a spherical moon phase that lets you see the moon through the front and back of the watch case. 7 o'clock) is that. At 11 o'clock there was a 72-hour power reserve indicator. In addition, Graf shook the collector's heart with the introduction of the gyrograph Galaxy, which completed the universe with miniature painting.

New high complications have been added to the Mastergraph collection.replica iwcThe mini-tripiter who announces the time by sound raises the sliding lever at 9 o'clock with the main character and two hammers strike the ball and make a clear sound. Moreover, the watch is equipped with a flying tourbillon at 6 o'clock, so there are two complications that are not easy to make. The magnificent 47mm diameter gold case set 257 white diamonds with various cuts, totaling 20.07 carats. The dial uses a black transparent sapphire crystal to subtly identify the delicate movement of the movement. Dazzling decorations for high complications! Available in white gold or rose gold.

At first glance, it can be thought of as a women's high jewelery watch with a dial filled with flower motifs and a tourbillon. But this watch hides some interesting technology that embodies Graf's brilliant ideas. At 8 o'clock, 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock, a flower motif in a small circle rotates an automaton watch. In addition, each flower is carved delicately and painted with enamel individually by artisan's hands, so there's nothing identical for each product. Mother of pearl dials are used, and bezels and rugs are paved with high-quality white diamonds from Graf Diamonds.

Graf Diamonds' diamond-setting technology and gold-worked women's watch is a three-dimensional set of diamonds of different sizes on a swirling bezel. The small case, 19 mm in diameter, has a mother-of-pearl dial or diamond paved dial as shown in the photo. Two hands inform the time and operate as a quartz caliber for ease of use.